1. A Win-Win!

    Just wanted to extend a very big thank you for offering Parent's Night Out on Saturday! Our kids had a great time and we needed a little time to ourselves - a win-win for sure! After all the fun they had, they fell asleep super quick once we got home. Many thanks for all that you do.…Read More

  2. Clean, Friendly, Caring, and Amazing

    Awesome, Amazing, incredible place. I highly recommend Kaizen IBBA. Especially for not just the different level of programs but the Say No To Bullying seminar! This was something my kids really enjoyed and is helping them. Carl did a fantastic job with the kids and I can not even begin to say what an amazing person he really is and how good of a job he did/does! The next one is in August, but they…Read More

  3. Includes life lessons as well as technique.

    The staff at Kaizen Black Belt Academy has been exceptional to work with. The instructors are experienced, encouraging and thoughtful when it comes to their teaching which always includes life lessons as well as technique. The office staff is always helpful, and in my experience everyone goes above and beyond to make each encounter, each question or concern and experience a priority in communicati…Read More

  4. The dojo has a positive and welcoming atmosphere…

    What began with one of our kids attending classes has turned into a family activity. I especially appreciate that participants of all ages and at every skill level receive attention and encouragement from the instructors, who are skilled, friendly and helpful. You don't need to be "athletic" in the traditional sense to enjoy and benefit from the classes. The dojo has a positive and welcoming atmos…Read More

  5. Children get such an amazing take-away!

    Everything is executed with organization, thought, and care! You truly impress me and make Kaizen more amazing than it already is daily! Thank you for putting in so much heart, love, and work to make our children get such an amazing take away! I appreciate you.…Read More

  6. I would recommend Kaizen to anybody!

    Kaizen IBBA taught my child not only how to practice martial arts, but also how to be a good person. I would recommend Kaizen to anybody!…Read More

  7. So impressed!

    We are so impressed by your karate program and ALL of the people there. You do a fabulous job!!…Read More

    Heather G
  8. “I am so impressed…”

    "I am so impressed with how everything is run at the school. I appreciate the messages given to young children. I have observed how my son has digested it all, and want you to know we have discussed a great deal (stranger danger, bulluying, etc.) since his starting Kaizen. I appreciate all you do!"  …Read More

    Courtney S
  9. I am beyond grateful!

    I am in love with Powerful Words! Everything about it! I am beyond grateful for you all. Both of my kids have grown so much since coming to Kaizen! Thank you for helping them grow through what is such a hard year of transitions for them. I am more than words can describe appreciative!…Read More

    Sydnie C
  10. They just want you to do your best.

    Karate has taught me to work really hard and to not feel intimidated by what people think of you. At karate, no one judges you for how perfect you are doing it, they just want you to do your best.…Read More

    Victoria B