1. This school is a family

    I have learned that this school is a family. I have made so many friends and built trust in my instructors and all of the Black Belts before me. I absolutely thank the student who felt compelled to talk to me about International Kenpo and JuJitsu.…Read More

  2. Kaizen IBBA is a special place

    Kaizen IBBA is a special place, there are too many things to list what I like about it. However, something that stands out to me is the welcoming environment and respect all individuals receive once they walk into the door. It truly fosters an Ohana within the school.…Read More

    Dustin K
  3. helped me gain confidence

    I'm very glad that we chose this dojo because of all the character values you learn, and they make learning karate fun. Over the years I have made a lot of friends and karate has helped me gain confidence in school and just in life.…Read More

  4. Amazing respectful community

    The dojo is one of the most lively and social places I've ever been to, the teachers always find a way to crack a joke and have fun games and activities planned to make the dojo more welcoming. My favorite thing about Kaizen IBBA would have to be the amazing respectful community I see walking through the door every day. I don't think I would be here right now without this amazing community.…Read More

    Jacob B
  5. Why I joined and decided to stick around!

    There were many reasons we got involved with martial arts at IBBA. My biggest intention was to give my daughter some confidence and make some new friends going into middle school, that turned out to be just the beginning. There were many reasons I personally needed to be part of something like martial arts. The first that comes to mind is the mental break that it allows. During class it is always …Read More

    Chris H
  6. Welcome diversity

    What I like best about Kaizen IBBA is that they welcome diversity and new ideas because people are able to learn to accept others and grow themselves. I also like how Kaizen really helps you find your voice and helps you develop into a newer and better person. They are very particular about Ohana (it means family) by making sure everyone feels like they belong.…Read More

  7. Welcoming and enthusiastic

    When I first came to the dojo all of the instructors and students were welcoming and enthusiastic. I saw friendly faces encouraging me to walk this path with them. I came to Kaizen in the middle of my karate journey, so I was "the new kid." but the thing is, I wasn't rejected by the other students or overly disciplined. I was welcomed into the wonderful ohana of karate lovers. Now that I have been…Read More

    Jonah B
  8. Never give up

    I have learned quite a few things here. A few of them being never give up even when things are hard, stances are very important, disrespect has consequences, use your training only in a necessary situation, and it's not just the curriculum we learn that is important, but it's also our instructors and the people we train with.…Read More

    Grace H
  9. Training at Kaizen has helped my son confront bullies

    I don't know if there is a greater source I can shout this to, from the roof-tops, but I just want to say thank you SO much for the efforts your entire team has made during the past two months. Teaching from living rooms, driveways.....I can relate because I'm teaching real estate classes from home, but I don't have to kick in the air lol! Today, Sensei Urton acknowledged my son by name several ti…Read More

  10. Above and beyond

    The meeting today went above and beyond what I expected. Thank you for encouraging my son to be heard, while still encouraging him to be held accountable for his concerns and the responsibility that goes with that. This is a true definition of differentiation in education. I respect both of you (Sensei Jauch and Sensei Bachenberg) as I would any educator. I want you to realize that. Students are n…Read More

    April K