Training at Kaizen has helped my son confront bullies

I don’t know if there is a greater source I can shout this to, from the roof-tops, but I just want to say thank you SO much for the efforts your entire team has made during the past two months. Teaching from living rooms, driveways…..I can relate because I’m teaching real estate classes from home, but I don’t have to kick in the air lol!

Today, Sensei Urton acknowledged my son by name several times, and that made him stay more engaged, and he was smiling! I appreciate your school so much; I have noticed a difference in my son already after just a few months. This morning I overheard him telling a friend, who was recently bullied in her story, about how his training at Kaizen has helped him confront bullies….and I didn’t even know he had encountered a bully, so that was an eye-opener. I appreciate you all so much….thank you for what you do. Your mission is amazing. ❤