“This is future-changing. You need to be here.”

I took my son in to try karate for a 10 class trial when he was 5 years old. I watched a couple classes and was impressed with the instructor. Then, probably on his third class, I got this overwhelming feeling that washed over me that seemed to say “this is important. Pay attention. You need to be here”. It was a weird feeling, and I shook it off.

Then on probably his fourth class I got that feeling again. “Pay attention. This is future-changing. You need to be here”. So I signed him up for a 6 month agreement.

Then a little later I tried it, “just for fun, just for the 10 class trial”. Again, I was impressed with the instructors. But I also had made a friend with another of the moms whose kid was the same age as my son, and she was trying classes too.

Now 7 years later I have a second degree black belt in Kenpo, a first in Japanese Jujitsu, an adult best friend, and an ohana for myself and my kids which is strong and dependable.

I don’t know what it was, but I’m so glad I did pay attention.

Charly B