Karate helped me be successful in other areas of my life.

Besides karate, the teachers also taught me respect, patience, perseverance an gave me encouragement. I learned honesty, gratitude, integrity and much more. These skills helped me be a better person and helped me achieve other goals. The teachers I have had at IBBA are good role models and have good personalities – they practice what they preach and help you understand what you are learning. They are incredible and I can count on them. Over the years I participated in competitive soccer, piano, boy scouts, baseball, basketball – but never wanted to give up karate because I felt it was one thing that I was good at and my time in karate helped me be successful in these other areas of my life. I am proud I got my black belt at Kaizen IBBA becuase I earned it from the teachers I respect and who are important to me because they care about me.

Landon B