Kaizen’s values and practices have helped

Kaizen IBBA has been a great experience for my 7-year-old son. He had been having some issues with his confidence, self-esteem, and ability to focus, and Kaizen’s values and practices have helped him in all these areas. He likes it so much that he’ll be starting Black Belt Club (unlimited classes and more specialized training) in 2020. The instructors and senseis are amazing with kids, and you can tell that they truly love working with them. Many of them have long-term associations with Kaizen so there is a lot of continuity. They are serious but also have a sense of humor which makes the practices fun for both kids and parents. The sense of community here is also fantastic. Members are supportive of each others’ kids, and there is a strong “building up” mentality that retains a focus on humility and concern for others. The environment is accepting of people from different backgrounds, races, religions, etc. which creates a fairly diverse mix of kids for Fort Collins, and this works well because the focus is on creating a community of shared values and mutual respect rather than singling out differences. The weekend offerings are also great – women’s self defense clinic, bullying prevention seminars, parents night out, etc. As a parent that is new to a martial arts program, the communication from both front desk staff and instructors has been timely and clear which has helped me get oriented to the curriculum and requirements for testing. I would highly recommend Kaizen IBBA!

Lauren M