Kickboxing is rapidly growing in popularity as a workout style because it offers a total-body workout, improves skills that transfer to other activities, and is a solid stress reliever. If you’re looking for a satisfying way to work off stress and pent-up aggression while burning calories and getting in great shape, kickboxing might be just what you’re looking for! KickBox NOW involves full-body moves of kicking and punching with the resistance of a heavy bag combined with interval training that instructors will push you beyond (what you believe to be) your limits for a calorie-torching, muscle toning workout that you’ll enjoy so much, it won’t feel like “work”!

Fast Facts:

Fat-shredding: A 155-pound woman can blast through 372 calories in 30-minutes of kickboxing (not to mention the increase to your metabolic rate afterwards), resulting in some serious fat loss after several weeks of training.

Muscle-building: Punching, jabbing, striking and kicking work your body from head to toe. When you’re engaging a 100-pound bag, your muscles are really going to get a formidable working-over.

Core-toning: Every kick, punch and strike is generated in the center of your body and requires you to use your core muscles for strength, power and stabilization. So, it goes without saying (but I’m going to say it anyway), that kickboxing will yield a strong, sturdy and resilient core. With smart choices in your eating habits, your abs might even make an appearance ?

Easy to stick with: It’s hard to get bored when your workouts are so high-energy, fun, and constantly changing. You’ll be looking forward to your next class!

Low-cost: At Kaizen KickBox NOW!, you’ll get the same high-quality instruction and state-of-the-art facilities at about half the price. Come check us out and get your KickBox on!

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