1. Bully prevention seminar

    FREE seminar aimed to help children in elementary and middle school overcome the negative impact of bullying. Students will learn how to identify bullying behavior, realistic ways to avoid being a target of bullying, and how to stop bullying behavior. (parents and educators invited to attend) DATE: Saturday, August 24th, 2:30-4pm reserve your space HERE…Read More

  2. Karate pictures!

    Please sign up for a time to have your picture taken to be included in our school poster! Just like school and sports pictures, there is no cost unless you choose to purchase a package. You MUST sign up for a time slot - stop by the front desk to choose your time or ask any questions.…Read More

  3. Playful Pandas

    Parent supervised drop-in playtime for toddlers & preschoolers. Come and play with your kiddos from 9:30-11am Monday thru Friday for a $5/child (10-pass punchcard available for $25)! Closure dates: June 17-21 for youth summer camp, July 1-5 for staff seminar and holiday, Labor Day…Read More