EFFECTIVE 8/19/19 In conjunction with the start of Poudre School District, we will implement the following class schedule Kid's classes will move earlier 30-35 minutes, Panthers 2/3 get their own class time on Mon/Wed, PANTHER LEVEL 1 BBC IS BEFORE CLASS ON Tues/Thurs (joining the Level 2/3 end of class), Jr Black get their own class time Tues/Thurs/Friday, Adults will move slightly later, Saturda…Read More

  2. Goshin Jitsu

    Goshin Jitsu is here! Classes are Monday and Wednesday 7:30-8:30pm and Saturday 9-10am. Open to ages 8 and up. Goshin Jujitsu is a modern self-defense blend of styles. We combine elements from basic Judo, International Kenpo Karate Jujitsu, and Western Boxing with Brazilian, Japanese, and Korean styles of Jujitsu. Our instructors have a history of study, instruction, and expertise in these arts an…Read More

  3. Playful Pandas

    Parent supervised drop-in playtime for toddlers & preschoolers. Come and play with your kiddos from 9:30-11am Monday thru Friday for a $5/child (10-pass punchcard available for $25)! Closure dates: June 17-21 for youth summer camp, July 1-5 for staff seminar and holiday, Labor Day…Read More